What is the Fitz-Barn Ride?

The 2014, 3rd Annual, Fitz-Barn is an unsupported ride/race from Fitzgerald's Bicycles in Victor, Idaho to Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton, Montana.

Approximately 450 miles of dirt and gravel roads, two track, and rail trail. The terrain is varied and beautiful and will include mountain passes, sage brush highlands and everything in between.

Ride through the heart of the Yellowstone Ecosystem and large sections of the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Route.

You are responsible for your own safety, navigation and food throughout the ride. Riders must have the ability to ride long distances without assistance while carrying their own gear and food.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GPX Files!

We've been busy compiling GPX files from JP's and Brandon scouting trips and MapMyRide files to get you the complete route.    I've broken the route down into sections of 40 to 70 miles each - mostly because I couldn't download a larger GPX file without complete technological failure.

I am going to share links to the GPX files on MapMyRide.  Once you click on the link for each section, you should be able to download the GPX file on the right side of the page under Map Info.  In order to download the file, you'll need to Log In and/or Register.  It is free to register (although they have paid memberships that allow you to print maps if you want).  I am working on cue sheets this week.

Section 1: Victor to France

Section 2: France to St. Anthony

Section 3: St. Anthony to Dubois

Section 4: Dubois to Montana Border

Section 5: Montana Border to Bloody Dick Road (yup, that's what's it's called!)

Section 6: Bloody Dick to Foothills Road

Section 6.2:  Jackson to Foothills Road Reroute

Section 7: Foothills to SH 472

Section 8: SH 472 to Skalkaho Rd
Please note this section was ridden by JayP and I tried to create this route from the large GPS file of his ride.  It therefore may not be exact, but Jay says the cue sheet for this section works just fine.  Unfortunately neither MapMyRide nor Google Maps have this fire road on their system.  I will get all the cue sheets up shortly.

Section 9: Skalkaho Rd to Hamilton
Sections 8 and 9 may not match up perfectly at their respective ending and starting points.

The Whole Thing:
This is the whole route except the section from SH 472 to Skalkaho Road has a straight line section (that's Section 8).

Enjoy!  We can't wait to see all you folks at the start!

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