What is the Fitz-Barn Ride?

The 2014, 3rd Annual, Fitz-Barn is an unsupported ride/race from Fitzgerald's Bicycles in Victor, Idaho to Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton, Montana.

Approximately 450 miles of dirt and gravel roads, two track, and rail trail. The terrain is varied and beautiful and will include mountain passes, sage brush highlands and everything in between.

Ride through the heart of the Yellowstone Ecosystem and large sections of the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Route.

You are responsible for your own safety, navigation and food throughout the ride. Riders must have the ability to ride long distances without assistance while carrying their own gear and food.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JayP & TJ's Scouting Trip Report

JayP and TJ did a scouting trip this past weekend.  Here's their trip report (we'll post some pictures later):  

With the creation of Fitz-Barn, I been pouring over maps, doing some recon, and gathering info. Here is what I have to say so far: 
  • The route is an amazing diverse set of roads. Flat open terrain, rolling desert feel, mountain forests, dry and arid sections, as well as running water ways make up the landscape equally. 
  • Little pavement and lots of gravel road. 
  • There seems to be plenty of water on route but not pubic faucets; bring filter of sorts or plan to hump a lot from source to source. The main supply areas will be Dubois, ID and Jackson MT. 
  • The first and second half of the route are 2 different animals in resupply as well as terrain challenges. First half being that open flatter type terrain and the second half being that mountain terrain.
This ride can appease the beginner bikepacking cyclist as a multiday tour as much as it can challenge the experienced racer type mentality. I encourage whatever style you enjoy. Do this ride as you want, how you want, it is purely a ride to enjoy. A great FIRST time bike packing route/challenge!

After riding the last ~200 miles this past weekend from Grants to Hamilton I can't wait to get back and do it again. The push from Grants (absolutely no supplies here) to Jackson is about 50 miles with running creek water (excellent fishing) but no water at campgrounds (it was shut off when i was there 6/23). This is where you just start to gain the forest feel. 

From Jackson to Hamilton is about 150 miles and a healthy push. Again, plenty of running water in creeks, streams, and springs but no public water sources. Thinking East Fork Guard Station off East Fork Road might have something but I did not go off route to find out, it is just a few miles out of the way. Hopefully we will find this out, we hit the rancher up on route.
When Chad, from Red Barn, said the last 24 miles are downhill it is not what I would tell people or what you should get in your head. Although there is a drastic drop in elevation at the end and a few paved miles going to the Red Barn door.

Thats what I have for now, more to come...

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