What is the Fitz-Barn Ride?

The 2014, 3rd Annual, Fitz-Barn is an unsupported ride/race from Fitzgerald's Bicycles in Victor, Idaho to Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton, Montana.

Approximately 450 miles of dirt and gravel roads, two track, and rail trail. The terrain is varied and beautiful and will include mountain passes, sage brush highlands and everything in between.

Ride through the heart of the Yellowstone Ecosystem and large sections of the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Route.

You are responsible for your own safety, navigation and food throughout the ride. Riders must have the ability to ride long distances without assistance while carrying their own gear and food.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

.GPX File of the 2013 Route

I have the completed 2013 Fitz/Barn route available but I can't seem to figure out how to post it for download.  So, if you want a copy please email me or Chad directly and we can send you one over.  Thanks!